IQMS: End-to-End Inventory Management Simplified

IQMS: End-to-End Inventory Management Simplified

Gary Nemmers, President & CEO, IQMSGary Nemmers, President & CEO
The world of manufacturing treats dilemmas of business efficiency and cutting costs with inventory management. IQMS located in California, delivers the prerequisites for good supplier communication, decreasing physical inventory time, predicting essential materials and tracking outsourced parts with IQMS’s Manufacturing Inventory Software modules. Gary Nemmers, President & CEO of IQMS says, “We have been committed to giving companies a unified view across their manufacturing operations and supply chain that enables them to compete more effectively in the global market.” IQMS focuses on expediting manufacturing management principles.

The Manufacturing Inventory Software modules of IQMS solves every supply chain challenges with traceability and complete lot number tracking, conventional Kanban and eKanban control support. It also segregates inventory master records for every individual location and provides serialized inventory control.

In addition to this, the sophisticated inventory management tools in the IQMS’s Manufacturing Inventory Software confers all the functionality to track, store and carry out orders framed on real-time inventory information. The paraphernalia of the software manages, tracks, and reins related costs. The Warehouse Management system, a peripheral of the Manufacturing Inventory Software facilitates inventory adjustments from any area on the plant floor through PDAs or other hand held scanning devices enabled by radio frequency.

Another one of the software’s forte is the Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), which reinforces the capacity to manage inventory at the customer site, helping the shipment and quantity of the item for consumption.

We have been committed to giving companies a unified view across their manufacturing operations and supply chain that enables them to compete more effectively in the global market

With VMI, IQMS offers support to invoicing of the product, at the point of its use by the customer. VMI utilizes the procedures used for sales order to complete order requests and automatically alters the indispensable inventory transactions, freeing sales or shipping staff of additional work. The other modules provided by IQMS Manufacturing Inventory Software are Intercompany Transactions and the Outsource Inventory Management. Various multi-plat companies attain integrated scheduling and delivery across all amenities through Intercompany Transactions. The tools required for the planning, management, shipping and tracking of the product’s status that are partially or completely delivered at the outsource vendor locations are provided by the Outsource Inventory Management.

One of the clients of the company, Donnelly Custom Manufacturing found betterment in all facets of their business. With IQMS’s inventory management solutions, shop floor supervisors had easy access to production data. Donnelly reported efficient internal, supplier and customer communications. The process of invoicing which consumed four hours was accomplished by nine every morning. Above all of this, Donnelly experienced success in the area of managing level of complexity brought by growth.

In the days to come, IQMS plans to release their new product roadmap that reveals the innovative functionality of their tools. “We are seeing a renaissance in U.S. manufacturing as more businesses realize that they need to go beyond competitive pricing to compete in the global market,” extols Nemmers. Today vendor value is defined by factors such as accurate documentation, productive communication and fast delivery times. IQMS will be keen on improving these capabilities as these factors make them unique in the manufacturing landscape.