inFlow: Complete Inventory Control with Simple Software

inFlow: Complete Inventory Control with Simple Software

Stephen Fung, CEO, inFlowStephen Fung, CEO
In a manufacturing environment, small to medium sized businesses exhaust considerable resources like time and energy to monitor daily operations. Especially in the field of inventory management, where the enterprise should balance between quick human readability, and maintaining the ability to sort and filter products easily when required. Looking beyond the familiar option of jotting down on paper or Excel sheet to maintain and supervise a manufacturing enterprises’ inventory information, inFlow offers reliable, easy-to-use, and networkable inventory management solution. “It is an inventory software system that small businesses can use to run their business on a daily basis,” says Stephen Fung, CEO of inFlow.

Functioning as a live, central database, inFlow maintains detailed listings of a manufacturer’s products, vendors, customers, and transactions. In addition to that, it enables the creation of all business documents like invoices, sales orders or purchase orders. It assures that manufacturers relying on inFlow would never face an out-of-stock situation because of automatic generation of reorder point alerts. Furthermore, the company tracks all inventory related costs of the manufacturer, like sales totals, cost of goods sold, taxes collected and profit margin. Their recently launched inFlow Cloud, in addition to possessing the attributes of a traditional inFlow solution, enables one to access their inventory information ubiquitously from multiple devices while providing the necessary security for the data.

inFlow uses analytics to generate customized reports. This involves calculating total sales, total taxes, best-selling products or products on back order, to predict sustainability of the inventory or measures to improve cost-effectiveness. Plus, the company can view their sales, profits or inventory levels in the form of graphed timelines, making the data visually comprehensible and hence, easy to grasp.

It is an inventory software system that small businesses can use to run their business on a daily basis

Making the software more user-friendly, there is an instant generation of branded invoices, receipts, packing slips, pick lists and box labels; rendering spreadsheets to be redundant. Business documents and reports can be exported to PDF or Excel for easy printing or emailing. The employer can control their information, by assigning each employee their user logins with a different set of access rights respective of their clearance level. The software includes a multi-user mode that enables several users to access the same data on the network. The automatic backup relieves the stress of losing important data and enables businesses to schedule backup as per their convenience.

Implementation, like utilization, is straightforward and effortless. Once an organization imports their existing products, customers, and vendors, they can commence operation almost immediately. With the installation of inFlow, items are organized by locations or sub-locations by means of tracking aisle or BIN numbers. Since bar codes are assigned, the scanners could track these items easily, improving the speed of data entry and reducing possible mistakes. In addition to tracking other minutes like shipping information, restocking or specialized picking, the software features One-Click workflow, where one can take orders, manage returns or deduct inventory with one click.

Possessing ten years of experience, this firm claims one million installs over 122 countries, affirming 98.7 percent customer satisfaction. Asserting their global extent, they enable businesses to buy and sell in different currencies in addition to setting their own exchange rates. The software is multilingual and can be operated in English, Chinese, French, Spanish or Arabic. If none of the above suits an organization’s need, then one can translate to any other language for their comfort.

As an organization, inFlow refuses to believe that enterprise grade software is reserved for big box stores. Instead, they consider small businesses to be the driving force behind the economy, helping them compete in today’s marketplace with the assistance of powerful technology at an affordable price.