Alterity, Makers of Acctivate: Manufacturing Inventory Management Simplified

Alterity, Makers of Acctivate: Manufacturing Inventory Management Simplified

Brian Sweat, President & CEO, Alterity, Makers of AcctivateBrian Sweat, President & CEO
Many manufacturers continue to use QuickBooks to handle their inventory as well. While QuickBooks is a robust accounting and financial management software, it lacks the features to handle the pertinent requirements of inventory management. Nearly all inventory-centric businesses need certain features to control their inventory and manage warehousing functions such as handling transactions, looking up products quickly, accessing inventory availability and history information. Amidst this growing necessity, Alterity, one of the leading suppliers of business software solutions, came up with its defining inventory management software, Acctivate. The software seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks to provide features built from a real-world understanding of managing inventory and designed for practical use so that the access to inventory information and managing tasks is both quick and easy.

Acctivate’s inventory product screen provides real-time access to all aspects of inventory from one place. Its inventory management simplified— inventory quantities, on order information, inventory committed to customers, costing information, product specifications, even product photos— all on one screen, for quick analysis and management. “Acctivate offers the best value and is the most feature-rich inventory management software for small to medium-sized companies,” quoted Brian Sweat, President and CEO of Alterity.

The Acctivate software is developed with a special focus on managing the manufacturing operations of the business. It is equipped with the tools to handle discrete processes, refurbishing, remanufacturing, custom manufacturing and chemical manufacturing aspects of manufacturing, resulting in improved productivity and visibility of the businesses. It provides all these solutions through a bi-directional integration with QuickBooks, facilitating information to be automatically updated on both the platforms, enabling tighter integration and thus enhancement of the user experience.

Acctivate offers the best value and is the most feature-rich inventory management software for small to medium-sized companies

As inventory control comprises activities of acquiring raw materials, components or finished products in appropriate quantities at the right time, Acctivate’s inventory control tool enables manufacturing businesses in predicting the right demand, ensuring the right amount of manufacture, evaluating and managing the vendors selling the product and customer satisfaction.

To ensure the highest level of value and convenience in the management of manufacturing businesses, Acctivate has advanced beyond inventory control by entering into integration with numerous market leading applications. Apart from its prime integration with QuickBooks, Acctivate has entered into seamless integration with leading shop cart providers, EDI transactions software and numerous best of breed solutions. One of its latest integration was with SmartVault, one of the leading providers of EDI solutions. The partnership enabled users to access SmartVault from within Acctivate, provisioning a secure passage to view and attach documents.

Acctivate’s manufacturing inventory solution at affordable pricing has resulted in proven real-time visibility and productivity for companies. The success of this incredible software can be attributed to the dynamic workspace at Alterity. With a work culture built on the values of honesty, integrity, and openness, the people at Alterity do not take their responsibility lightly; they are committed to delivering high profile solutions to what sometimes may be considered as a complex problem. The workspace is enveloped with a congenial and collaborative atmosphere reflecting in its end to end services to the customer.

Alterity is a technology company with the soul of a growing business; it understands the challenges growing companies face and works every day in solving issues that keep businesses from realizing all that is possible. It is Alterity’s firm commitment to problem-solving that has made Acctivate become one of the leading software for manufacturing and Inventory Management.